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Picture Credits: -roulette table, – the face

This photomontage above was my 13th idea. I scratched the rest. The other twelve made sense in my head but I was unable to translate them. This 13th idea is a ‘gamble’ in itself because there’s an uncertainty in the outcome of the event; will the readers be able to align themselves with my thought? The above photo roots from my dilemma whether life is ‘gamble’ for I strive to make a sure bet everyday. 
For a choice to be deemed as a gamble, there must exist a stake, a risk, a hope of gain, and a result determined by chance. On immersing myself into this thought, I grew to realise that life may be a gamble but with a biased dice since efforts determine the odds. With every stroke of blending, the odds of you following my thought went from 1:5 to 4:2 to 5:1.
Finding the perfectly angled pictures, to combine, was a challenging task since the slant had to play out the concept. Eventually, I was able find them on Flickr. I used Autodesk Sketchbook for cropping and blending. It helped me to get down to the nitty gritty. 


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