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Image drawn and edited by me; the numbering is used as tone labels which are referred to below

While painting, there is no recipe to create the perfect colour that you want. Similarly, there was no definite structure or recipe to progress through this class. It was progress on the steps of freedom. This colour palette depicts my journey in this class.

In the beginning of the semester, it’s the ‘primary colours’, my initial abilities and writing style, that I started out with. With every assignment, I kept experimenting and discovered a tone that suited me.

In the initial few assignments, I only employed my existing qualities. For Avatar, Combo photo and Literacy narrative, I synthesised my inner abilities to create new shades like ‘orange’, ‘green’ and ‘brown’.

Later, when I started revisiting and editing my work, it was just like how I changed from the No. 2 tone on the palette to No. 1. Writing became a process. No. 3 tone stands out to me. It’s the brightest colour on the palette and different from the rest. That represents the new perspective I gained from reading other people’s works.

Mixing of colours to make new tones represents growth through collaboration. Throughout the semester, I have collaborated on various assignments- be it peer to peer or mentor to peer- and have learnt from it.

Everybody has a different colour palette- messy, bright, neutral. Likewise, everybody had a different journey in this class. I produced different pieces and worked around with various new genres. The final outcome was not always the same. Sometimes, it was bright toned and on other days it was dark. Eventually, it made for the perfect colour palette in my eyes.


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