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Game Comparison Reflection

In my Game Comparison essay, I have drawn a contrast between the games Gris and Gone home. My thesis states how Gone Home forms the opening scene i.e. the exposition, and also forms the rising action while Gris fits into climax and falling action, thus forming one complete plot. It is about how Gris seems like the perfect continuation of Gone Home’s plot.

At the beginning, I was skeptical of my ability to complete this assignment. To my surprise, I grew to like the format and the process of an inductive essay. I started out only being concerned about making an argument contrasting the two games. Further, I let my arguments guide me into forming my thesis. Staying true to the writing process, I wrote without interruption. One challenge that I faced was figuring out the right thesis. In my head, I had several directions that my essay could take but it was tough to choose the right one. 

For essay structure, my introduction is rather simple talking directly about the purpose of games like Gris and Gone Home. Further, the second and the third paragraph highlight various points of comparison between the two games under two headings- their interaction with trauma and the role of memory in the game. 

My thesis in itself was a big surprise to me. I had never observed this about the two games before writing this essay. I think that is one reason I enjoyed writing an inductive essay. Since, there were no bounds, you were free to think outside of the box. It is a less definite structure so it helps you come across thoughts that you’d never imagined. 


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