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Podcast Hidden Folks Reflection

This was our second time creating a podcast episode. We had all gained some experience from our previous one, from listening to other group’s episodes and from discussions in class. We were slightly more confident and that is pretty evident in our episode: Hidden Folks and Unhidden Childhood. I was the producer of this episode. Unlike the last time, we faced a lot of difficulty in choosing the right game. There was a lot of confusion because we couldn’t find a game that we all resonated with. 

Scrolling through the bundle, we were struck by Hidden Folk’s icon. It was so appealing so we decided to play this single player game. We were all reminiscing about Where’s Waldo after playing it, so we decided to go ahead with it. We had all recognised that it would be challenging to analyse a game so simple and basic but we were extremely proud of the final outcome. Through the constant process of analysing and critical thinking, we managed to talk about points that usually miss the human eye. We emphasised on the fact that how this game helps us to enjoy the minute details in life that we otherwise do not pay heed to. Talking at the symbolic level, we definitely took the game a notch up. The universal appeal about the game and its suitability for all ages( even eders) is another thing we talked about. 

Just like the last time, we divided the work equally, just that the producer was responsible for making the final decisions. Talking about the structure and style, I think, this time we were able to strategize our argument better. Since, we took a simple game and elevated it, we could see our progress as a learner with our own eyes. This time around, we had grown more comfortable with each other, thus we could collaborate efficiently. 


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