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An artist’s work is up for interpretation. Each person’s heartstring is tugged in a distinctive way on viewing a piece of art. As for me, I would spend a lot of time reading about and analysing various artworks. Further, to find depth in that piece, I would go on to research about the artist’s frame of mind to see if it resonated with my interpretation. It did not always align. Neither the artist’s thought nor mine formed a definitive line. I always believed that conclusions are meant to change with changing times which distanced me from the defined end. This helped me keep that piece of art alive in my world of wonders. I thought the ambiguity of the pieces always kept me intrigued, and got my creative juices flowing. But, such a thought had a deeper impact on my choice of reads.

I became a transitory reader. In spite of having tens of hundreds of books, I only managed to read half way through every book because of the belief that I held. Opening the same book cover and progressing through the plot that was directed to a particular conclusion did not excite me. While reading a book, my mind raced in a way as though I was viewing an artwork. Till day, I have read The Great Gatsby only till the part where Daisy, her life long lover, gives Gatsby a visit at home. Not only my choice of reading but my style of writing was affected. I did not understand the significance of bringing my writings to an end. It was as if the relevant conclusion had been Taboo-ed. I started questioning the significance of a conclusion since I had never reached one with the artworks.  

One fine day as I would recall, I was waiting at the salon for a haircut. People around me were ‘glancing’ through magazines, cherishing its aesthetic. Observing them, I questioned myself that were those magazines only meant to satisfy the aesthetic quest. Were those articles, written with hours of effort put in by the writers and editors, just meant for a glance? I did not have much time to ponder upon it that day since it was my hair time. But, on coming back home I picked up one random Sommelier India edition. It felt real. Reading about people’s experiences with wine tasting and wine choices gave me an insight into summing up an experience without losing its purity. I started spending more time reading magazines of all sorts (travel, wine, fashion, business, architecture). The conclusions, although defined, started making sense to me. People deserve that synthesis to feel enriched and satisfied. Earlier the magazines were a surface level read, but now it helped me live the experiences of people better than ever. There were times when I was experiencing Bali without actually being there. 

The epiphany dawned. Conclusions are necessary and relevant, but not restricted. Art is the truth establishing itself, and the conclusions being open to interpretations aids the same. 

Gradually, I am reading those half read books and completing them one at a time. Finally, My writing has overcome its Pictureka phase. 

My original print themed ‘Noise’
is now up for you to interpret and draw conclusions.

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