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Three o’ clock/ East

Conceptualised, sketched and photographed by me

Looking around the room to find something that means more than what meets the eye, I could not move past the compass that I found from the back of my drawer. My mind was flooding with memories of me wielding it to traverse the European streets. For my Sunday Sketch, I decided to go ahead with the compass, though it was a 3D object with just a ‘2D meaning’. Further, I used the process of reverse brainstorming. I worked my way backwards- filtering objects by shape first and then adding a meaning to them. The compass seemed to fit perfectly in a clock for the montage.

Well, it happens so that the clock ticked nine and the compass directed me towards a connection between the both of them. On a busy Monday, the clock guides our schedule. The compass takes on a similar role when we are travelling; it guides our route. If only it could permanently play that part, even during the Mondays.

Doing things the Polish way, we even give directions using the clock dial analogy. I might just conclude that we sometimes use them interchangeably.

Look at your 3 o’ clock to get that title.


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