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Throwing a piece of paper into a bin

Video screen recorded by me while playing “Paper Throw 3D”

These times have implored us to find a virtual substitute for almost everything, from movie nights with friends to attending lectures in person. I thought it was only fair if I threw paper in the bin that way. It was made possible by this game ‘Paper Throw 3D’ on App Store.  

I think my throw is spectacular because it’s taking place virtually in reality. It still took multiple attempts to get the paper in the bin, though, like it would have in actuality. While playing the game, I suggest muting the audio since the music is far from simulating the real-time setting. Leaving that aside, I think we have found a reasonable way around everything. I was amused by the visual effects of the game. In certain rounds, the game literally had a fan to account for the wind. So, I guess the new normal ain’t that bad. No, wait. Nothing can fill the void of attending college freshman year online. 


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